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Translation of counselor in Spanish

the counselor     el consejero    

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Sample sentences:
Monica consulted the school counselor about some problems she had.

Mónica consultó al consejero de la escuela acerca de algunos problemas que tenía.
counselor el consejero; la consejera
counselor el consejero(a)

Please take into account, that on May 10 and 11 there are holidays in the United States and that we do not work on Saturday. This will leave only the 15th, 16th and 17th for a company visit.
Can you speak English or Chinese? It would be easier to learn. I will correct you and you will help me, OK? From where in China are you? I know only Beijing and Shanghai, oh yes, and Hong Kong.
Can you recommend Spanish films and Spanish newspapers? I want to watch movies and read newspapers to improve my language, and these are means that are fun. Well then. Bye. Please respond quickly.
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