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Translation of dart in Spanish

the dart     el dardo    

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Sample sentences:
They were playing darts and Mitt threw the one nearest the target.

Estaban jugando a los dardos y Mitt lanzó el más cercano al blanco.

Now I just got scared! Have I missed my own son's birthday? Luckily it is on the 19.08, exactly in a month. Man, you confused me now. Anyway, we had a great time in the mountains and the snow was great.
Can you speak English or Chinese? It would be easier to learn. I will correct you and you will help me, OK? From where in China are you? I know only Beijing and Shanghai, oh yes, and Hong Kong.
Have you ever done something like that in Spanish? I also think that we should see each other when you're close, I can help you with Spanish, and you can do the same for me in English. Do we have a deal?
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