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Translation of dictate in Spanish

to dictate     dictar    

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Sample sentences:
Take a chalk and write on the blackboard what I will dictate.

Tome una tiza y escribe en la pizarra lo que voy a dictarle.
to dictate dictar

After dinner we walked back and saw some interesting sites and shops on the way. Everything was quite impressive, as always in a new country. We entered the hotel and took an elevator to our room.
We agreed to meet the next day at seven thirty to avoid the crowds at the entrance. Dinner was great. We went to a restaurant on the main street. The building was French architecture.
Breakfast was really nice, since the hotel had a nice buffet and good coffee. We than went to look for a car rental service to get a car for the day. We wanted to drive around the lakes region.
Most common translations: discotheque    distraught    dowel    dung    efficacious    emerge    ensure    etc    exude   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of dictate   [ dictated, dictated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of dictar
dicto  dictas  dicta  dictamos  dictáis  dictan  dictaba  dictabas  dictaba  dictábamos  dictabais  dictaban  dicté  dictaste  dictó  dictamos  dictasteis  dictaron  dictaré  dictarás  dictará  dictaremos  dictaréis  dictarán