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Translation of err in Spanish

to err     errar    ; equivocarse    

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On Thursday I have an appointment. If there is no other way, I'll move it. Can you meet on Tuesday, April 11, anyway? I suggest 10.30 in the morning, but I'm fairly flexible, so noon is good too.
If you do not want it, I understand since it is really little at the moment. But on the other hand, it is only 15 seconds to translate these short messages. Which link did you use?
I'm fine. I hope you are too. Art is very important for people and everything would be much more boring without art. Nevertheless, there are not many people who appreciate it. I have no sympathy for that.
Most common translations: excite    extent    farm    festivity    fit    foe    foundation    frustration    gastronomy    give   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of equivocarse
[me equivocado]
me equivoco  te equivocas  se equivoca  nos equivocamos  os equivocáis  se equivocan  me equivocaba  te equivocabas  se equivocaba  nos equivocábamos  os equivocabais  se equivocaban  me equivoqué  te equivocaste  se equivocó  nos equivocamos  os equivocasteis  se equivocaron  me equivocaré  te equivocarás  se equivocará  nos equivocaremos  os equivocaréis  se equivocarán 
Conjugation of errar
erro  erras  erra  erramos  erráis  erran  erraba  errabas  erraba  errábamos  errabais  erraban  erré  erraste  erró  erramos  errasteis  erraron  erraré  errarás  errará  erraremos  erraréis  errarán