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Translation of experienced in Spanish

experienced     experimentado    

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Sample sentences:
He is an experienced policeman, so he is always assigned rookies as partners.

Él es un policía experimentado, por lo que siempre le asignan novatos como compañeros.
He is an experienced mountaineer who has gone up many mountains. Es un alpinista experimentado que subió a muchas montañas.

Let's not forget how we started. We were writing each other very long messages and today we are both much more fluent in both languages. No book could have brought us that far. Cheers.
I have always met nice people so far, and I have never had a strange friends request. So far I only had problems with my grammar in various foreign languages that I am trying to acquire.
Sure! I can help you in learning German. What do you need? I am a student for literature and live in Hanover. Do you know the city? It is in the north. Are you studying or are you working?
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