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Translation of habit in Spanish

the habit      la costumbre     
the habit     el hábito    ; el uso    ; la costumbre    

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Sample sentences:
She has the habit of going for a walk for 30 minutes every evening.

Ella tiene la costumbre de salir a caminar 30 minutos cada noche.
habit habito

My family is doing well except for my youngest daughter. She is a little ill and needs to visit many doctors. She has had several infections lately, but nothing dangerous, so we are not too worried.
We can try it out tonight, if you want, we just have to find the right hour. Peru is 5 hours behind Switzerland. So I'll just pay a visit to Peru in order to travel around and see the architecture.
Sorry that I did not write earlier. I have got a lot of work in my office. I did not forget and always think about writing you. What exactly do you study? Do you have children? Are you married?
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