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Translation of highest in Spanish

highest     máximo    

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Sample sentences:
He was the highest bidder and paid two thousand dollars for the painting.

Fue el mayor postor y pagó dos mil dólares por la pintura.
Commissioner Leppard is the highest officer in the London Police. El Comisario Leppard es el más alto funcionario de la Policía de Londres.

My name is Maria. I am 66 years old. I live in Barcelona (the capital of Catalunia) with my husband and my children. But I think my children will soon move out and live by themselves.
I have always met nice people so far, and I have never had a strange friends request. So far I only had problems with my grammar in various foreign languages that I am trying to acquire.
I am a kindergarten teacher for children between age 4 and age 5 and additionally I teach at a school here in Munich: music, painting and handicraft. At the moment just we have holidays.
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