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Translation of hooray in Spanish

hooray     hurra    

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Sample sentences:
They all shouted 'hooray' enthusiastically as their team won the football match.

Todos gritaron 'hurra' con entusiasmo cuando su equipo ganó el partido de fútbol.

Let in rain again. I love listen to music on the weekend while it rains. When I used to live in Darmstadt I hated the rain, but since I live in Greece, I love it because it does not rain that often here.
To grow from there was the right decision. That means that I should find the decision makers of predefined websites, and do not need to search the Web for potential buyers generally.
I want learn Spanish because of my girlfriend from Guatemala. She is from Latin America. And of course I want improve my grammar too. I like to hear it, but speaking is still hard. Hasta Luego.
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