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Translation of individual in Spanish

the individual     el individuo    
the individual     la persona    

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Sample sentences:
He is a very creative individual.

Él es una persona muy creativa.
Many authors refer to the alienation of the individual in modern society. Muchos autores se refieren a la alienación del individuo en la sociedad moderna.
individual adj1 individual
individual adj2 particular
individual n individuo

We bought some sandals which cost us two dollars each pair. Then we visited the surroundings of the market where many store sold paintings, sculptures and books, some very beautiful ones.
Nevertheless, I agreed to go there and check it out. It looked much better than the one that we booked in advance and we decided to stay there for two nights. It had a great pool and we were welcomed with drinks.
We blamed the sandwich which we had eaten a day earlier for lunch in Bolivia for the stomach ache of my wife. She became very weak and she had to stay in the hotel for two entire days.
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