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Translation of lodge in Spanish

to lodge     alojar    ; alojarse    
the lodge     logia    

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Sample sentences:
Where do you plan to lodge in Great Britain?

¿Dónde tiene previsto alojarse en Gran Bretaña?
to lodge; to book; to put up alojar

It would be an advantage if you could send it via DHL, UPS or another Currier, because the parcel was lost once when we sent it with regular mail. Please send me a reference number after you send it.
I've never been to Switzerland, but I've been thinking about visiting it for a long time. Until now I was only in France and Holland. I should take the time and travel and visit new places.
Well, now that we're friends, I am very happy to send you images. I would be happy if we can keep the contact for a long time. May I ask a questions: is Emily your real name or just an avatar name?
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of lodge   [ lodged, lodged ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of alojar
alojo  alojas  aloja  alojamos  alojáis  alojan  alojaba  alojabas  alojaba  alojábamos  alojabais  alojaban  alojé  alojaste  alojó  alojamos  alojasteis  alojaron  alojaré  alojarás  alojará  alojaremos  alojaréis  alojarán