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Translation of liquid in Spanish

the liquid      el líquido     

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Sample sentences:
The lab flasks are filled with strange-looking liquids.

Los matraces del laboratorio están llenos de líquidos extraños.
Liquids are measured by liters in European countries but in the U.S. are measured by gallons. Los líquidos se miden por litros en países europeos, pero en los EE.UU. se miden por galones.

Although it was only one thirty we had already seen a lot. The ones who tell you that you could stay there for a week and not see everything are actually right. The entire region is vast.
I am learning Spanish in university but I also have to improve it for private reasons. Do you have any suggestions. It is giving me a hard time lately as it is difficult. I need to be very patient.
While waiting for the counter to open, my wife developed a stomach ache. The plane took of at around 4 or 5 pm and landed around 2 hours later at the airport of Santiago de Chile. It was already dark.
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