Spanish Dictionary

Translation of luck in Spanish

the luck      la suerte     
the luck     la dicha    ; la fortuna    ; la suerte    

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Sample sentences:
He did everything thinkable to persuade her with no luck.

Él hizo todo lo imaginable para convencerla sin suerte.
I feel pity for him; he has always had bad luck. Siento lástima por él, que siempre ha tenido mala suerte.
He wears an amulet for good luck. Usa un amuleto para la suerte.
the luck la suerte
luck la suerte

You're from USA right?! You are learning German too? Why? Do you want to go to Germany? I'm from Italy and I used to live in Portugal for a while. Now I'm learning in order not to forget everything I learned there. Are you working?
In the end we decided to try something new, and although we are not great "fans" of South East Asia, we agreed on going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and if there would be enough time Hong Kong.
My sister just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and I visited her for two days only. This means that I do not know the city but what i saw of it was really nice. I will visit her next month or so.
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