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Translation of master in Spanish

the master     el dueño    ; el maestro    ; el patrón    
master     maestro    

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Sample sentences:
This dog was educated to obey its master's orders.

Este perro fue educado para obedecer las órdenes de su dueño.
He is a master of rhetoric and if you let him, he will convince you of anything. Domina la retórica y si lo dejas, él te convencerá de cualquier cosa.
This teacher was Christopher's mentor all through his master studies. Este profesor fue el mentor de Christopher a lo largo de sus estudios de maestría.
teacher; master el maestro
to master dominar
Master Amo

Anyway you let me know...the rest of the days I will be busy with the course. I am Italian but I live in Wien, Austria. I have not heard back from you since I sent you a message. Do you still want to chat my friend?
There were too many of these children and they were determined to sell us a can of Coca Cola. All means were legitimate, even shaking our boat, so that we would be scared of falling into the water.
At Pisac we visited its 'once certainly authentic', 'today completely touristic' market. We enjoyed it anyway, ate fresh corncobs and bought a warm wool hat.
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