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Translation of molt in Spanish

to molt     mudar    

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If it is not possible to memorize vocabulary, I will have to create my own lessons in the coming weeks. I would be happy about this information. You need to develop a feeling for the language.
It certainly is one of the reasons that a student from abroad is not as good in English as people who were born in America. This is an obstacle for all students and a challenge for the educational system.
I teach at the university of natural sciences. I have studied at the ETH in Zurich. At that time I started learning Spanish and I found Vocabulix. Since then I'm using it regularly with joy.
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Conjugation of mudar
mudo  mudas  muda  mudamos  mudáis  mudan  mudaba  mudabas  mudaba  mudábamos  mudabais  mudaban  mudé  mudaste  mudó  mudamos  mudasteis  mudaron  mudaré  mudarás  mudará  mudaremos  mudaréis  mudarán