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Translation of narrate in Spanish

to narrate     narrar    

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Sample sentences:
He narrated his odyssey during the war, when he was captured by enemy soldiers.

Él narró su odisea durante la guerra, cuando fue capturado por los soldados enemigos.

I am waiting for you from now. It's good to live in an other country for a while.I would also like to do it, but I have a son, he is 2 years old, and he needs his father. Wish you a nice day!
We stayed in this place for quite a while as it was the most spectacular place we have visited so far. It was unbelievable how much thought was put into construction of these magnificent sites.
We took a very relaxing breakfast and made laundry - by the way the cloths dried within 30 minutes as the humidity was as low as 10% or so and the sun extremely strong at this altitude.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of narrate   [ narrated, narrated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of narrar
narro  narras  narra  narramos  narráis  narran  narraba  narrabas  narraba  narrábamos  narrabais  narraban  narré  narraste  narró  narramos  narrasteis  narraron  narraré  narrarás  narrará  narraremos  narraréis  narrarán