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Translation of moustache in Spanish

the moustache     el bigote    

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Sample sentences:
Your moustache makes you look like Poirot.

Tu bigote te hace parecerte a Poirot.
moustache; a moustache un bigote
moustache el bigote
moustache bigote

The airport was huge, compared to Siem Reap's one, of course. We expected something similar to Bangkok's airfield but it was completely different. We stood in line for the passport control.
I understand that you use the article 'die' when talking about a feminine object, das when the subject is neutral, and der when talking about a masculine object. But how can you remember all these?
We were a little sad that we had to leave Peru so soon, but we had to take the 7.30 bus which would take us to the Chilean border. Chile and Argentina were still the main destinations of our trip.
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