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Translation of newspaper in Spanish

the newspaper      el periódico     

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Sample sentences:
The old lady had some newspaper snips from the time she was a famous artist.

La anciana tenía algunos recortes de periódicos de la época en que era una artista famosa.
The newspaper editor corrected the new journalist's article. El editor del periódico corrigió el artículo del periodista nuevo.
This article is a complement of the report that appeared in the newspaper yesterday. Este artículo es un complemento de la información aparecida en el periódico de ayer.

The four of us ate dinner at this cozy place. As always, we ate meat. After desert we headed to a night club, when my wife started to feel a little dizzy. She blamed the wine, but i had a bad feeling.
Do you want learn Spanish? Do you have a telephone? I am looking forward to hearing from you and sorry again, I was extremely busy during the last three weeks. I hope you can forgive me.
Originally we planned to stay in Santiago for one day but due to her illness we prolonged our stay for two days. I walked around the city by myself, always staying close to the hotel.
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