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Translation of nine in Spanish

nine      nueve     

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Sample sentences:
The normal human pregnancy is around nine months.

El embarazo humano normal es de alrededor de nueve meses.
A professional baseball game has nine innings. Un juego de béisbol profesional tiene nueve entradas.
She works from nine to five, and during those hours her children stay in a nursery. Ella trabaja de nueve a cinco, y durante esas horas sus hijos se quedan en una guardería infantil.
eighty-nine ochenta y nueve

I guess you know Spanish very well. I'm not on line most of the time. I think to get accommodation in the city is hard. I have many friends in Madrid, they all live outside the city. I think we can help each other to practice German or Spanish.
Well I take Spanish classes in college, that's the only useful language they offer, but if they had French I would be taking French. It sounds so nice. I have been lazy lately and I'm not really good at it.
We left town and drove around the lake. Around 30 minutes after leaving we had a flat tire, which I changed immediately. That was very annoying as the rental company asked us to fix the flat tire.
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