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Translation of partition in Spanish

to partition     dividir    
the partition     la división    ; el tabique    

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You can always write me and we can learn together any language you want. How long you have taken classes? Was it only at night or on weekends? Makes me wonder how someone can be so fluent in Spanish.
It certainly is one of the reasons that a student from abroad is not as good in English as people who were born in America. This is an obstacle for all students and a challenge for the educational system.
I want learn Spanish because of my girlfriend from Guatemala. She is from Latin America. And of course I want improve my grammar too. I like to hear it, but speaking is still hard. Hasta Luego.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of dividir
divido  divides  divide  dividimos  dividís  dividen  dividía  dividías  dividía  dividíamos  dividíais  dividían  dividí  dividiste  dividió  dividimos  dividisteis  dividieron  dividiré  dividirás  dividirá  dividiremos  dividiréis  dividirán