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Translation of perform in Spanish

to perform     actuar    

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Sample sentences:
A biopsy was performed to know if he had cancer.

Se realizó una biopsia para saber si tenía cáncer.
Fetal surgery is surgery performed before birth. Cirugía fetal es la cirugía que se realiza antes del nacimiento.
The neurosurgeon explained the surgery that he was going to perform. El neurocirujano explicó la cirugía que va a realizar.

At around two o'clock we arrived at the main attraction. It was the Angkor Wat itself. An amazing view captured our eyes when we entered the gates and saw this wonderful palace in front of us.
We stayed in this place for quite a while as it was the most spectacular place we have visited so far. It was unbelievable how much thought was put into construction of these magnificent sites.
Sorry but I hadn't have enough time in the last two weeks to respond to your email and to your interesting offer. I really need to think about it a little longer, and I am sure you'd understand.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of perform   [ performed, performed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of actuar
actúo  actúas  actúa  actuamos  actuáis  actúan  actuaba  actuabas  actuaba  actuábamos  actuabais  actuaban  actué  actuaste  actuó  actuamos  actuasteis  actuaron  actuaré  actuarás  actuará  actuaremos  actuaréis  actuarán