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Translation of photograph in Spanish

to photograph     fotografiar    
the photograph     la fotografía    

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Sample sentences:
I will scan these old photographs.

Voy a escanear estas fotografías antiguas.
Lucy showed her boyfriend an old photograph of her grandmother as a baby. Lucy le mostró a su novio una vieja fotografía de su abuela cuando era una bebé.
They were not on speaking terms; nevertheless, they posed together for the photographs. No se hablaban, sin embargo, posaron juntos para las fotografías.

She suddenly had to vomit and unfortunately she vomited on the new shoes of our friend and on her new Jeans. It was very embarrassing, especially because we were treated so well by this nice young man.
We agreed to meet the next day at seven thirty to avoid the crowds at the entrance. Dinner was great. We went to a restaurant on the main street. The building was French architecture.
Thanks a lot for the correction, they are very helpful and so are you in general. As I mentioned earlier I need more practice to write entire sentences in French and it takes a lot of time.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of photograph   [ photographed, photographed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of fotografiar
fotografío  fotografías  fotografía  fotografiamos  fotografiáis  fotografían  fotografiaba  fotografiabas  fotografiaba  fotografiábamos  fotografiabais  fotografiaban  fotografié  fotografiaste  fotografió  fotografiamos  fotografiasteis  fotografiaron  fotografiaré  fotografiarás  fotografiará  fotografiaremos  fotografiaréis  fotografiarán