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Translation of revenge in Spanish

to revenge     vengar    
the revenge     el desquite    ; la revancha    

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Sample sentences:
They lost the match and asked for revenge.

Perdieron el partido y pidieron la revancha.
pay back (revenge) represalia
take revenge on vengarse de
revenge venganza

Hello and Dude. I'm great as here in Europe the sixteen best national soccer-teams are playing against each other (it is called Euro). Turkey won the first match last Sunday (1:0). Probably they will win the next match tomorrow.
The books had cost only two or three dollars, cheap even for second hand books and after buying them I discovered that these were actually copied books and not used books. It was too late.
We visited the Inca Ruins on the mountains near Pisac: A taxi took us to the top and we walked all the way back down to Pisac (which by the way is not an easy task on day 2 at this altitude)
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of revenge   [ revenged, revenged ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of vengar
vengo  vengas  venga  vengamos  vengáis  vengan  vengaba  vengabas  vengaba  vengábamos  vengabais  vengaban  vengué  vengaste  vengó  vengamos  vengasteis  vengaron  vengaré  vengarás  vengará  vengaremos  vengaréis  vengarán