Spanish Dictionary

Translation of powerful in Spanish

powerful      potente     
powerful     poderoso    ; potente    

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Sample sentences:
This car has a powerful motor.

Este coche tiene un motor potente.
Those companies merged into a bigger and more powerful company. Esas empresas se fusionaron en una empresa más grande y poderosa.

One hour later people were starting to leave and we did not exactly understand why. We took another drink and I paid the bar man cash. Later it turned out that the change he gave me would be fake money.
You don't speak Russian? It's not so easy to speak this. I think, my English isn't very strong at all. But I hope to improve once I have the chance to write someone whose mother language is English...
The next day we had to take the bus in order to get back to the airport in Calama. When we arrived at the airport was empty and no counter was open yet. We had to wait for 4 hours.
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