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Translation of report in Spanish

to report     referir    
to report     reportar    ; presentarse    
the report     el informe    ; el reportaje    ; la denuncia    

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Sample sentences:
Her job is to file congressional reports.

Su trabajo consiste en presentar informes del congreso.
She is preparing an investigative report for school. Está preparando un informe investigativo para la escuela.
I need to complete this report before going home. Necesito completar este informe antes de irme a casa.
to report denunciar

I had just said that if you wanted we could meet up on the last weekend in October, I have to be in Malaga the following week... Your English is very good! Would be nice to hear something from you!
The books had cost only two or three dollars, cheap even for second hand books and after buying them I discovered that these were actually copied books and not used books. It was too late.
After an hour flight and 1000km further south, we landed in Calama. It was already 9pm and it was already dark. We still weren't at our final destination, but much much closer. We took a cab again to the city center.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of report   [ reported, reported ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of referir
refiero  refieres  refiere  referimos  referís  refieren  refería  referías  refería  referíamos  referíais  referían  referí  referiste  refirió  referimos  referisteis  refirieron  referiré  referirás  referirá  referiremos  referiréis  referirán