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Translation of whatever in Spanish

whatever     cualquiera    

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Sample sentences:
The genie told Aladdin that he would give him whatever he wanted.

El genio le dijo a Aladino que le daría lo que quisiera.
You may ask me whatever you need anytime. Me puede pedir lo que usted necesite en cualquier momento.
whatever lo que sea

I am sorry that I did not respond to your last email you sooner. Have you been busy with your work? Do you have any meetings or travel planned? I have friends around the world and they call me Mike.
It was amazing to see how different people in different regions of the world would worship their G'ds in different ways. We really enjoyed it there and felt the mystic atmosphere around us.
We caught the last bus leaving from Calama to San Pedro the Atacama in the Atacama desert, the driest place on earth. Even NASA is using this place as a live moon simulation area. It was night though.
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