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Translation of sanction in Spanish

to sanction     sancionar    
the sanction     la sanción    

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We drove to the hotel Rex where we made reservations in advance. However, once there, two American guys told us that they had a voucher from a travel agent and the price was like half of it.
Do you want learn Spanish? Do you have a telephone? I am looking forward to hearing from you and sorry again, I was extremely busy during the last three weeks. I hope you can forgive me.
As my wife is a travel agent, and knows that in certain cases people do not show up, we decided to take a taxi to the airport nonetheless. It was actually not far from the border, about 5 kilometers away.
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Conjugation of sancionar
sanciono  sancionas  sanciona  sancionamos  sancionáis  sancionan  sancionaba  sancionabas  sancionaba  sancionábamos  sancionabais  sancionaban  sancioné  sancionaste  sancionó  sancionamos  sancionasteis  sancionaron  sancionaré  sancionarás  sancionará  sancionaremos  sancionaréis  sancionarán