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Search in Spanish

to search      buscar     
to search     registrar    
the search     la busca    ; la búsqueda    

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Sample sentences:
The police will dredge the river in search of the body.

La policía va a dragar el río en busca del cuerpo.
The Police spokesperson informed the journalists about the search. El portavoz de la policía informó a los periodistas acerca de la búsqueda.
Those dogs over there are trained to sniff the passengers to search for drugs. Esos perros de ahí están entrenados para olfatear a los pasajeros en busca de drogas.
to look for; to search buscar
to inspect; search registrar

When we left the stadium after the game there were plenty of people on the streets. The neighbors opened their windows to sell grilled meat and the entire street smelled of meat and smoke.
The next morning we felt much better, but we decided to stay in bed the entire morning to fully recover. We watched some Seinfeld episodes which were running every morning at around 10a.m.
Sorry that I did not write earlier. I have got a lot of work in my office. I did not forget and always think about writing you. What exactly do you study? Do you have children? Are you married?
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of search   [ searched, searched ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of buscar
busco  buscas  busca  buscamos  buscáis  buscan  buscaba  buscabas  buscaba  buscábamos  buscabais  buscaban  busqué  buscaste  buscó  buscamos  buscasteis  buscaron  buscaré  buscarás  buscará  buscaremos  buscaréis  buscarán 
Conjugation of registrar
registro  registras  registra  registramos  registráis  registran  registraba  registrabas  registraba  registrábamos  registrabais  registraban  registré  registraste  registró  registramos  registrasteis  registraron  registraré  registrarás  registrará  registraremos  registraréis  registrarán