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Translation of servant in Spanish

the servant     el criado    ; la criada    ; la sirviente    

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Sample sentences:
The servant brought tea and cookies on a tray.

La criada trajo té y masitas en una bandeja.
servant (fem); maid la criada

it was very hot and very cool and very long. I will go to Mallorca at the end of June only for a week... but it is enough.... the sun, beach and water, coast... uuuhhh. For my job I use German and English language.
We headed back to the hotel with a rickshaw, as usual in this part of the world they drove like crazy but it was hilarious. We went to sleep immediately and did not wake up the entire night.
The day after, we woke up late and enjoyed the nice breakfast of the Monarca Hotel. We planned the next leg of our trip at a local travel agent.
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