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Translation of sight in Spanish

to sight     avistar    
the sight     la vista    

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Sample sentences:
He flinched at the sight of the gun.

Retrocedió al ver el arma.
It was a spooky sight, the trees twisted by the wind in a park illuminated by the moon. Era un espectáculo espectral, los árboles retorcidos por el viento en un parque iluminado por la luna.
caught sight of diviso

The airport was huge, compared to Siem Reap's one, of course. We expected something similar to Bangkok's airfield but it was completely different. We stood in line for the passport control.
We headed back to the hotel with a rickshaw, as usual in this part of the world they drove like crazy but it was hilarious. We went to sleep immediately and did not wake up the entire night.
Unfortunately, I have never been to the United States, but I was in Mexico last year, that is close. Zurich is a very nice city, the people are friendly and the lake is very beautiful.
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Conjugation of avistar
avisto  avistas  avista  avistamos  avistáis  avistan  avistaba  avistabas  avistaba  avistábamos  avistabais  avistaban  avisté  avistaste  avistó  avistamos  avistasteis  avistaron  avistaré  avistarás  avistará  avistaremos  avistaréis  avistarán