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Translation of sit in Spanish

to sit     sentarse    

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Sample sentences:
They sat on the grass under the shadow of a sycamore.

Estaban sentados en el césped bajo la sombra de un sicomoro.
She likes to sit on a park bench and feed the doves. Le gusta sentarse en un banco del parque y alimentar a las palomas.
The host invited his guests to sit around the table. El anfitrión invitó a sus invitados a sentarse alrededor de la mesa.

We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
thanks for the compliment! Can you understand me when I write in English? Spanish sounds so beautiful when spoken. I would really like to be able to speak Spanish fluently, since I am planning a trip to Peru.
My sister just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and I visited her for two days only. This means that I do not know the city but what i saw of it was really nice. I will visit her next month or so.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of sit   [ sat, sat ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of sentarse
[me sentado]
me siento  te sientas  se sienta  nos sentamos  os sentáis  se sientan  me sentaba  te sentabas  se sentaba  nos sentábamos  os sentabais  se sentaban  me senté  te sentaste  se sentó  nos sentamos  os sentasteis  se sentaron  me sentaré  te sentarás  se sentará  nos sentaremos  os sentaréis  se sentarán