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Translation of snag in Spanish

the snag     el problema    ; el tocón    ; la pega    

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Sample sentences:
It was a minor snag but it bothered them a lot.

Era un inconveniente menor pero les molestaba mucho.

The current situation in Libya is really difficult. I tried to get in contact with acquaintances, but all the phones were not working. I'm really concerned about their well-being. I'll try again later.
The words will mostly be easy. I would prefer full sentences and not just short clauses with the article, the noun and an adverb/adjective. Do you think you could do 1000 sentences per working day? This way we could finish quickly.
My daughter and her husband have invited me today, it is always very nice to visit them. There were many friends there too, because it was my grandson's birthday. We were very happy and celebrating.
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