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Translation of snob in Spanish

the snob     la esnob    

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Sample sentences:
She is a snob who looks down on people less wealthy than her.

Ella es una esnob que menosprecia a la gente menos rica que ella.
posh; snob; pripi pijo; arrogante

So we first went to look for other hotels in the area, some where horrible even though they were rated as three star hotels. In the end we bought the three day voucher at the travel agent's office.
We were considering flying to the same region again: we thought of going to Brazil, Venezuela or Guatemala. We were asking a lot of friends on their travel experiences to these countries.
On day two my wife and I took a tour to visit the Altiplano. The tour started a little boring, when we visited a few empty villages nearby which were all pretty much the same. Empty with very little people.
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