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Translation of snoop in Spanish

to snoop     fisgonear    

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snoop hurgar

We could not believe how difficult it was to find a decent room in this four star hotel. I went to the reception desk and complained about our room and about the attitude and bad service.
I wish you would help me to improve my Spanish. I am studying law in Germany and I am trying to learn Spanish. I hope you can help me and I could help you to learn German. Have a great day.
We visited the Inca Ruins on the mountains near Pisac: A taxi took us to the top and we walked all the way back down to Pisac (which by the way is not an easy task on day 2 at this altitude)
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of fisgonear
fisgoneo  fisgoneas  fisgonea  fisgoneamos  fisgoneáis  fisgonean  fisgoneaba  fisgoneabas  fisgoneaba  fisgoneábamos  fisgoneabais  fisgoneaban  fisgoneé  fisgoneaste  fisgoneó  fisgoneamos  fisgoneasteis  fisgonearon  fisgonearé  fisgonearás  fisgoneará  fisgonearemos  fisgonearéis  fisgonearán