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Translation of snuggle in Spanish

to snuggle     acariciar    

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I'm Ricky. I am learning English at school here in Switzerland and at the same time I am learning Italian. You writing skills are very good. Where did you go on your last vacation? See you next week.
I have always met nice people so far, and I have never had a strange friends request. So far I only had problems with my grammar in various foreign languages that I am trying to acquire.
There are great museums if you like art. The most important is the Van Gogh museum. There are good restaurants and bars in the center, it is very international. I hope we can stay in touch.
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Conjugation of acariciar
acaricio  acaricias  acaricia  acariciamos  acariciáis  acarician  acariciaba  acariciabas  acariciaba  acariciábamos  acariciabais  acariciaban  acaricié  acariciaste  acarició  acariciamos  acariciasteis  acariciaron  acariciaré  acariciarás  acariciará  acariciaremos  acariciaréis  acariciarán