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Translation of speaker in Spanish

the speaker     el altavoz    ; orador    

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Sample sentences:
Speakers of some languages do not distinguish the difference between phonemes /b/ and /p/.

Los hablantes de algunas lenguas no distinguen la diferencia entre los fonemas / b / y / p /.

I was tired and still felt a little ill, so that I agreed to meet the other family and they escorted me to the next building. The new family instructed me not to tell anyone where I stayed here.
Life here is the opposite of what you think. We are living in small village which is a housing complex for MCD employees with their families. It's a children paradise and on the other hand quite boring.
Puerto Madryn was a boring city, but it was the hub to see the Peninsula Valdes, a nature reserve listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. We did not know what to expect but new that we would see Pinguins
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