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Translation of store in Spanish

to store      conservar     
to store     almacenar    
the store     In this store they sell almost everything. la tienda     En esta tienda se puede comprar casi todo.
the store      el negocio     
the store     el depósito    ; la tienda    

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Sample sentences:
Let's go to the ice cream store for a sundae.

Vayamos a la heladería por un helado.
This store sells trashy furniture. Esta tienda vende muebles de mala calidad.
I couldn't find that part in any store, but a turner made it for me. No pude encontrar el repuesto en ninguna tienda, pero un tornero me lo hizo.
jewellery store(1) la joyería(1)
hardware store ferretería(1)
shoe store la zapatería(1)
book store la librería
the store la tienda

We bought a Sandwich and were looking for a taxi, but the streets were so crowded that we had to wait nearly one hour to find a cab. We even had to walk a few blocks in order to catch one.
sorry i was not on skyoe. it was not working right. i will talk to you later. Just came back from the mountains. It was extremely cold and there was plenty of snow. But I loved it. Skiing is the best.
The view of the valley, the lakes and the surrounding volcano mountains were breathtaking. We stayed there for nearly one hour and had a little snack. From there we continued to have lunch.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of store   [ stored, stored ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of almacenar
almaceno  almacenas  almacena  almacenamos  almacenáis  almacenan  almacenaba  almacenabas  almacenaba  almacenábamos  almacenabais  almacenaban  almacené  almacenaste  almacenó  almacenamos  almacenasteis  almacenaron  almacenaré  almacenarás  almacenará  almacenaremos  almacenaréis  almacenarán 
Conjugation of conservar
conservo  conservas  conserva  conservamos  conserváis  conservan  conservaba  conservabas  conservaba  conservábamos  conservabais  conservaban  conservé  conservaste  conservó  conservamos  conservasteis  conservaron  conservaré  conservarás  conservará  conservaremos  conservaréis  conservarán