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Translation of sub in Spanish

sub     sub    ; submarino    

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Sample sentences:
He is in the navy and had to stay six months in a row inside a sub.

Él está en la Armada y tuvo que permanecer seis meses seguidos en un submarino.

Yes, I speak a little bit of English. I'm just beginning to take English courses in private evening classes. Is your Spanish good? I will speak to you in Spanish and you teach me in English.
There might be another reason why the house was hit. Some houses have a little infrastructure problem and cannot protect themselves against flash lights. That means they are in constant risk of fire which can lead to catastrophic outcome.
I'm fine, thanks. I'm sorry that I did not write back to you sooner. As you see I am very busy with my work. But I'll take the time to help you because I promised to do so. So let us start soon.
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