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Translation of suppose in Spanish

to suppose      suponer     

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Sample sentences:
I suppose that she will come late, as always.

Supongo que va a llegar tarde, como siempre.
to assume; suppose suponer
suppose, assume suponer
suppose suponer

We bought a Sandwich and were looking for a taxi, but the streets were so crowded that we had to wait nearly one hour to find a cab. We even had to walk a few blocks in order to catch one.
I wish you would help me to improve my Spanish. I am studying law in Germany and I am trying to learn Spanish. I hope you can help me and I could help you to learn German. Have a great day.
We had never seen a similar landscape. The lagoons had different kind of colors, blue, white, green and red. They were all surrounded by rocky, dark volcanoes making the entire landscape surreal.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of suppose   [ supposed, supposed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of suponer
supongo  supones  supone  suponemos  suponéis  suponen  suponía  suponías  suponía  suponíamos  suponíais  suponían  supuse  supusiste  supuso  supusimos  supusisteis  supusieron  supondré  supondrás  supondrá  supondremos  supondréis  supondrán