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Translation of unplug in Spanish

to unplug     desenchufar    

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Sample sentences:
You should unplug the fridge before cleaning it.

Hay que desenchufar la heladera antes de limpiarla.

He was asking the doormen to let us and our friends from Holland in, and so they did. In addition, the guy we met was paying our entrance or got us a free entrance. We do not know and probably never will.
We drove to the next spot exactly at noon. We were told that this spot would not be crowded at all during the lunch hour and we were not surprised to find it completely empty without anyone else.
the crowded buses, the various colors and the amount of casinos on the way simply amazed us. We were told that Lima is not the safest place, so that we decided to stay just one night, before continuing to Cuzco.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of unplug   [ unplugged, unplugged ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of desenchufar
desenchufo  desenchufas  desenchufa  desenchufamos  desenchufáis  desenchufan  desenchufaba  desenchufabas  desenchufaba  desenchufábamos  desenchufabais  desenchufaban  desenchufé  desenchufaste  desenchufó  desenchufamos  desenchufasteis  desenchufaron  desenchufaré  desenchufarás  desenchufará  desenchufaremos  desenchufaréis  desenchufarán