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Translation of sweet in Spanish

the sweet     el postre    
the sweet     la golosina    
sweet      dulce     

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Sample sentences:
Do you want a clementine? These are very sweet.

¿Quieres una clementina? Están muy dulces.
She craves sweets but is on a diet. Ansía con locura comer dulces, pero está a dieta.
That sweet old lady is ninety years old. Esa dulce viejita tiene noventa años.
home sweet home hogar dulce hogar
sweet dulce

Anyway, we left, as everybody else was leaving and once outside we understood that most people were just crossing the street in order to enter into this other night club. So did we.
I wish you would help me to improve my Spanish. I am studying law in Germany and I am trying to learn Spanish. I hope you can help me and I could help you to learn German. Have a great day.
After a while a truck drove by. The driver offered us a ride on the back of the truck. We jumped in. A little later we were back in the hotel, exhausted and hungry. It was time for another great meal.
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