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Translation of thanks in Spanish

thanks     ¡gracias!; la gracias    

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Sample sentences:
I won the card game thanks to a joker.

Gané el juego de cartas gracias a un comodín.
She said she guessed it thanks to her female intuition. Ella dijo que lo adivinó gracias a su intuición femenina.
They won the war thanks to the artillery. Ganaron la guerra gracias a la artillería.
say thanks; say thank you; thank agradecer
Very well, thanks. Muy bien, gracias.
I'm fine, thanks Yo bien, gracias
thanks a lot muchas gracias
good, thanks Bien, gracias
thanks to gracias a

Thanks again for your time. I attached my avatar, it is very similar to the previous one. I have guided the development of the website, and I feel free to share my knowledge with others.
Now I'm drinking a beer with a colleague. We will shoot a film about the bar scene and the situation of young people here in Ibiza. There are also other aspects to live here, besides tourism.
My daughter and her husband have invited me today, it is always very nice to visit them. There were many friends there too, because it was my grandson's birthday. We were very happy and celebrating.
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