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Translation of these in Spanish

these     estos    

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Sample sentences:
These candies cost $0.05 apiece.

Estos caramelos cuestan $ 0,05 cada uno.
Bearers of these shares will pay more taxes next year. Los titulares de estas acciones van a pagar más impuestos el año próximo.
These data are certifiable. Estos datos son certificables.
these estos, estras(2)

After a wonderful mountain breakfast with a hot chocolate drink one can enjoy the view by looking outside the window and seeing the white landscape, high mountains and the sun reflected in the white powder.
In addition, after the tests I would like to give also a presentation to some of the teachers, as usually the different ideas come with the presentation. After speaking with them, some ideas emerge...
After two weeks in less developed countries it was somehow interesting to arrive here. The express shuttle from the airport took us into town in less than twenty minutes and had several station.
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