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Translation of touch in Spanish

to touch     tocar    
the touch     el tacto    ; el toque    

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Sample sentences:
Don't touch the scab on your wound and let it fall off by itself.

No te toques la costra de la herida y deja que se caiga sola.
She touched the slime inadvertently and pulled her hand back in disgust. Tocó la lama sin darse cuenta y retiró la mano con asco.
She spends the money interests freely, but never touches the principal. Ella gasta los intereses sin problema, pero nunca toca el capital.
to touch; to play an instrument tocar
to move; touch conmover
to touch/to play tocar

The problem with that room however was, that it was situated right opposite of a construction site and the noise was unbearable. Once again we asked to move and got a new room, this time with no windows.
I work at an insurance company and the last 4 years i was employed there. So now, I am finishing with this job at end of the year. I got to find something new. Where in Italy are you from?
The next morning, we got up at 5, had breakfast and headed back to the same airport where we landed a few hours earlier. The 1 hour flight was packed with lots of tourists of all ages, mainly Americans.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of touch   [ touched, touched ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of tocar
toco  tocas  toca  tocamos  tocáis  tocan  tocaba  tocabas  tocaba  tocábamos  tocabais  tocaban  toqué  tocaste  tocó  tocamos  tocasteis  tocaron  tocaré  tocarás  tocará  tocaremos  tocaréis  tocarán