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Translation of unavailable in Spanish

unavailable     no disponible

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Sample sentences:
I'm very sorry, but right now the items you want are unavailable.

Lo lamento mucho, pero en este momento los artículos que usted quiere no están disponibles.

If it is not possible to memorize vocabulary, I will have to create my own lessons in the coming weeks. I would be happy about this information. You need to develop a feeling for the language.
I hope that I will have time to go skiing. Maybe it is even better to go at the end of the season. The doctor, however, did not give his diagnosis yet. If I cannot go I will have to find an alternative.
My name is Michael. I am from Budapest in Hungaria. I speak Hungarian, of course and English. Maybe I could help you with something. I would also like to learn Spanish. Would you mind teaching me?
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