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Translation of unscramble in Spanish

to unscramble     descifrar    

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Sample sentences:
The spy sent a coded message to be unscrambled at headquarters.

El espía envió un mensaje en clave para ser descifrado en el cuartel general.

That was really cool. I flew from Koppenhagen to Thailand and did not know until take off where I wanted to go from Bangkok. We left Germany after midnight. I was really excited to go to a new place.
If you do not want it, I understand since it is really little at the moment. But on the other hand, it is only 15 seconds to translate these short messages. Which link did you use?
The course was a bit tough because the teacher always gave lots of homework. We were upset about his behaviour. He was very arrogant towards all the students. It was simply no fun to study there.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of descifrar
descifro  descifras  descifra  desciframos  descifráis  descifran  descifraba  descifrabas  descifraba  descifrábamos  descifrabais  descifraban  descifré  descifraste  descifró  desciframos  descifrasteis  descifraron  descifraré  descifrarás  descifrará  descifraremos  descifraréis  descifrarán