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Translation of whichever in Spanish

whichever     cualquiera    

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Sample sentences:
Do you like these puppies? You can take whichever puppy you like best.

¿Te gustan estos cachorros? Puedes llevarte cualquiera, el que prefieras.

At the end of October my family will be taking a short vacation to Biron Bay north of Sidney. My wife wants to visit the coast. There are many good restaurants near Brion Bay with fresh seafood.
It was amazing to see how different people in different regions of the world would worship their G'ds in different ways. We really enjoyed it there and felt the mystic atmosphere around us.
There was an extra seat available (the last one apparently). We were so glad. 45 minutes later we sat in the place, eighty percent of the plane was empty. They really need to update their system.
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