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Translation of wax in Spanish

to wax     encerar    
the wax     la cera    

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Sample sentences:
His car was clean and waxed.

Su coche estaba limpio y encerado.
He polished the wooden floor with a perfumed wax. Enceró el suelo de madera con una cera perfumada.

We agreed to stay in the room with no windows and unpacked our bags. We wanted to have dinner and went out to a Sushi restaurant a friend told us about. It was a great place with great atmosphere.
In the end we decided to try something new, and although we are not great "fans" of South East Asia, we agreed on going to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and if there would be enough time Hong Kong.
The hill was not close to the village and we did not have a lot of water with us, so that we were happy when a Brazilian couple took us closer in their rented Jeep. We walked a little further.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of wax   [ waxed, waxed ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of encerar
encero  enceras  encera  enceramos  enceráis  enceran  enceraba  encerabas  enceraba  encerábamos  encerabais  enceraban  enceré  enceraste  enceró  enceramos  encerasteis  enceraron  enceraré  encerarás  encerará  enceraremos  enceraréis  encerarán