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Translation of wink in Spanish

to wink     pestañear    

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Sample sentences:
He can lie to your face without even blinking.

Él puede decirte una mentira en la cara sin siquiera pestañear.
to wink guiñar

The guy at the reception was pretty friendly and gave me keys of the hotel's suites. The first suite was again without windows. I returned and asked for the same with windows. He gave me other keys.
I work at an insurance company and the last 4 years i was employed there. So now, I am finishing with this job at end of the year. I got to find something new. Where in Italy are you from?
Burlington in Vermont is one of the healthiest cities in the entire United States of America. The capital of Vermont is Montpellier. Apart from that Vermont offers a lot of green hills and many lakes.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of wink   [ winked, winked ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of pestañear
pestañeo  pestañeas  pestañea  pestañeamos  pestañeáis  pestañean  pestañeaba  pestañeabas  pestañeaba  pestañeábamos  pestañeabais  pestañeaban  pestañeé  pestañeaste  pestañeó  pestañeamos  pestañeasteis  pestañearon  pestañearé  pestañearás  pestañeará  pestañearemos  pestañearéis  pestañearán