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Translation of world in Spanish

the world      el mundo     

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Sample sentences:
He is a cynic who believes that there is no goodness in the world.

Él es un cínico que cree que no existe la bondad en el mundo.
Many London buildings were destructed during World War II. Muchos edificios de Londres fueron destruidos durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
The world is in danger because many countries have nukes. El mundo está en peligro porque muchos países tienen bombas nucleares.
World Wide Web la telaraña Mundial(1)
around the world alrededor del mundo
World mundial

I am trying to learn Spanish because Spanish is becoming more and more important in the USA because of immigrants. Especially here in Texas. I used to live in Nevada for many years. Boring place, gotta tell ya.
Next week I will go with my girlfriend to our local market. There is a nice party there, similar to the "Oktoberfest" in Munich. There you can have party and we want to drink some beer and dance on the tables.
I gotta tell you, that I am not really good at it. I've just passed the first lesson and I had more than 35 mistakes, out of 25 words, funny isn't it. What languages do you speak? Write me soon please.
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