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Translation of supuestamente

supuestamente     supposedly    

Pronunciation of supuestamente    

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Sample sentences:
Ella tomó una infusión de hierbas que, supuestamente, podría ayudarle a perder peso.

She had an herbal infusion that, supposedly, could help her lose weight.

Do you have a brochure (marketing materials in PDF format), which I could forward by email or which I could print out here? I want to create a new listing for my friends in Berlin. Thanks.
It is very different from bars and discos and nightlife. So it has also advantages, however the quantity and the quality of information circulating in the social networks worries me a little. A lot of it is garbage.
Are you really married now? Do you have children? You are still young. What is your profession? I am 53 years old and have two grown daughters, the older is 30, is the younger is 28, both married.
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